prop building

  1. IronArcher8656

    Working on a Leviathan axe and I could use some help.

    The part that I'm stuck on are the small jewel details that represent the runic attacks. In the image, they are the small circles, one has a triangle in the middle while the other has a square. According to my templates they should be roughly 3/4 inch. I can't find anything close online, so this...
  2. gmprops

    Limited Run Star Trek Electronics for Cortical Stimulator kits

    Hi everyone! I am doing a limited run of electronics for several different Cortical Stimulators. I am starting with one from Voyager and the other from DS9. I will post a run from TNG in a few days. This is for the electronics only. They should fit any accurate replica that are hollow. The...
  3. Bojo Delta

    Original Design Fantasy Sword

    Hey everyone, Thought I'd put together a thread for the original design fantasy sword that I built for my final project for my honors degree. The prop was completed in Dec 2021 but I'm only getting around to posting about it now. I decided that I wanted to create an original design to...
  4. Farrells Props

    Stark Medical Scanner - Modelled and Prototyped!!

    I've had this project on my desk for absolute ages. I did the initial CAD design in what seems like a year ago but I think it was sooner. Nonetheless, I digress. attached are the other photos of it. My plan for this prop is to have a simple light strip under the display screen which will be...
  5. S

    Modeling Spikes - Auric Shield Guild Wars 2

    I have been working on creating a scale modle of the Auric Shield from Guild Wars 2. I have created most of the shield and I only need to make long thin curving spikes as well as painting it. I need to find a material that would allow me to do so. I have had three ideas that I don’t think will...
  6. golestar

    Functional firearm replicas discussion and showcase

    I've managed to create two firearm replicas with somewhat accurate details and functionality, the Fusil Gras 1866 single shot rifle and the Webley Bulldog revolver. Both are made with cheap plastic rulers and various pvc tubes, along with a copious amount of foam sheets.As you can see, they were...
  7. davidnagel

    David's Prop Adventures - Prop #2 The Internet (again)

    I did intend to keep this one for myself, but a line manager (who is a big fan of The IT Crowd) was going to leave, so this was the most logical parting gift to her. May I present, the Internet. Made from a project box acquired from Maplin before it went defunt, with added battery holder with...
  8. MakeShiJie

    Make Terminator t-800 nuclear fuel cell

    Hi everyone Recently I 3D printed a Terminator nuclear fuel cell,then painted and weathered it. So this is the final result. Meanwhile I made two versions, One complied with the original props without connecting the two parts, and the other I connected to ensure the structural...
  9. SeaMoon

    Does anyone know any good local brands for Polyurethane / Polyester Resin in the Philippines? (or Asia)

    Just as the title says. I'm looking for any good (possibly budget) brands of resin aside from the well known Smooth On.
  10. MBMStudios

    Last Jedi Poe Dameron binocular inspired build

    I had started this build wanting to make the ones Poe had in the last Jedi, but luckily this model camera wasn’t anywhere to be found. I bought the single lense instead, opting to do my own thing and am very happy how it’s turning out so far! Thought about using rifle sling straps for the strap...
  11. ob1korobi

    Now another Mando Build Thread

    Because I am doing a whole Mando Build I figured I would just use this thread. Here we go. Blaster is done and I've Finished most of the armor. I've purchased a few pre printed pieces that I can't fit on my build area. For now it's just been sanding and filling. I'll update as I go. Thought I...
  12. D

    Custom made Millennium Falcon

    Hey everyone. I want to make a Millenium Falcon from balsa wood and was wandering if anyone knows of any build plans for this? I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find anything. I’m tempted to get the Bandai 1/72 perfect grade kit but would rather build it all myself from scratch. Any help will...
  13. DaBuild

    HELLBOY II Big Baby Gun (build video)

    Hello everyone! Here's my latest build. Hellboy II Big baby gun! A massive piece of 3 kg. Mostly 3D printing, a loooooot of sanding, wood working, hand painting, leather working... It was a bigger challenge than I expected. Enjoy the watch and feel free check out (and like) the rest of the...
  14. Blood Hounds Heirloom AXE (Raven's Bite) Apex Legends DIY

    Blood Hounds Heirloom AXE (Raven's Bite) Apex Legends DIY

    Read description :- In today's video we are going to make #bloodhounds #axe by using only Popsicle Sticks as base material. this is one of the rare items in ...
  15. K

    Simple/Easier Prop Builds For a Beginner With Little Experience

    Hi All, I'm quite new to prop building and was hoping for some suggestions for easier/simpler prop builds. I want to start building my skills because what I have done with prop building I have found quite enjoyable but want to start to really expand. If it helps I love sci-fi a lot so...