Full-size Walas Gizmo from scratch


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Hi all. I really should post more here, but I wanted to post pics from a build I started 6 months ago, stopped for 5.9 months and finished in just the last couple of days!
Taking huge inspiration from the maker, "The Peltzer Pet" I used a lot of his reference to get a better understanding of the base forms under the fur.
I sculpted the head, hands and feet out of CosClay (wow, it works really well) over a wire armature. My first attempt at making eyeballs from Fimo and glass cabochons didn't work very well and the project was abandoned thinking it wasn't going to work. They clouded over when I started applying the clay. Ended up trying basic teddy bear eyes a couple of days ago and he sprang to life again!.
The armature was covered with dense foam - the stuff you make cut-out hard case inserts out of (cameras and parts etc.) Patiently glued the fur with contact cement since I wasn't going to tackle sewing such a small figure.

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