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A big part of my life has been when I started regularly updating a unique Spider-Man Homecoming pattern for free through Google drive. I upset some people when I gave up on that, because I wanted to explore some opportunities with people I consider influential, around my patterning. I’ve decided to relive that controversy but in a more collaborative way. I’d like to finish my Iron Spider file as a collaborative effort with this/these communities.

Based on my most up to date Spider-Man Homecoming design, this is my Infinity War Spider-Man file… So far
View attachment 827036 View attachment 827034 View attachment 827033 View attachment 827032 199h0NJ.png TOY9aOj.jpg

We should share as much as possible for free, so the community can have a definitive result.
I am not comfortable and do not condone direct profiting off these files, and even though I am expecting this not to be all my work, I would believe I am due credit.
Further rules would need establishing...

To reiterate, the initial file I’m uploading is incomplete, It contains inconsistencies.

Details I wanted added that mightn’t be necessary:

  • Scratches
  • Texture Warps and/or position differences
  • Understated muscle shade that’d make it look more metalic on already shiny fabric
  • Bevel and Emboss Details, with specific attention to paint wear, around it and making note of the black paint on the belly weblines
  • Webs intersecting the outline on the sleeves having an embossed effect
  • Extra effects for dents and damage
  • Appropriate Glow Effects to LEDs
  • Possible conversion and distortion of pattern pieces into appropriate armour plates to go over base suit
(Because of all the techy features and accessories in the movie/s I’m sure I could add more suggestions and have this be a real humdinger of a file collection)

What must be fixed and done:

  • Lay out for Printing
  • Seam Allowance
  • Check Line paths for incomplete or overstepping edges at end of paths
  • Mask back Webline distance proportions
  • Neck needs to be tighter &/or perhaps longer
  • Boot probably needs to be much larger
  • Testing!
Basic measurement details:

  • Designed to fit a lean body at 90% scale
  • Suit Wearer height of: 1790mm
  • Waist of: 863mm
  • Bottom Neck to Bottom Belly of: 472mm
  • For a long fingered man

I hope it's not overly presumptuous to begin this unfinished and expecting this level of help. I do believe I have provided sufficient building blocks.


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It looks really amazing !!
What kind of software did you use for creating this suit pattern?
I can help you by providing lots of references you need for details.
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