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Found the new profiles in History Icons of hollywood PDF Catalogs online

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by The Batfan, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. The Batfan

    The Batfan New Member

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    hey I found links to the PDF catalogs for Profiles in History Icons of Hollywood and Icons of Animation December auction online. Enjoy

    Profiles Auction PDF's
  2. Jet Beetle

    Jet Beetle Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    How many pink Hoverboards, Nike cylinders, ez-sleep devices, Grey's Sports Almanacs and Oh La La magazines can there be out there? It seems like they pop up for auction every week.

    And can you tell how much Joe LOVES Wizard of Oz - not that it's not an important classic, but man oh man - did you see the price on that Cowardly Lion??
  3. bitbuster

    bitbuster New Member

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    Haven't seen a Nike Cylinder or EZ-Sleep Device in a loooong time! With the Almanacs and other paper props it's different. They probabaly printed hundreds of them. maybe Thousands, who knows? they are not as rare as alot of people might think.
    With the mattels it#s also different. The ones that showed up recently were not "premium pieces". Most of them had missing pieces or completed later with replica parts. I haven't seen an original lenticular hoverboard for years. And the last complete one (with footpad and all original, but only photoboard) was sold in 2008 by PIH.
  4. MoviePropCollector

    MoviePropCollector Sr Member

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    I must have missed the original Nike case & EZ Sleep device being auctioned in the past. Where did you see those? There are quite a few items I have never seen in the auction, like the mini train and mini car props before. Of course the paper props are a different story.
  5. bitbuster

    bitbuster New Member

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    You're right. Those items were never auctioned off. What I meant was that i saw them for sale on ages ago. Probably 10+ years.

    I have actually never seen a lenticular hoverboard auctioned off. Only those two or threee who were also sold be screenused like 15 years ago or so.

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