Force laboratory studio scale x wing and tie fighter

Bummer I was hoping for ya
Yeah thanks!!! Appreciate the sentiment and helpful tip!

Hopefully more replicas will come out. I'm hoping for a studio scale X wing and Y wing at some point. I'm working on the Deagostini Falcon right now so that satisfies that itch...missed out on the deagostini x wing which I really regret..but like I said hopefully more companies will come out with x wing and y wing studio scale replicas.
Yet another product they just released today for pre order,

Not sure how accurate the paint job is but holy cow check this out!

Yeah this has been out for awhile. It's the Deagostini Model with WAY BETTER ELECTRONICS. I think STK really upgraded the electronics and now it really is a complete and cool model.

Unfortunately the paint jobs I've seen are pretty terrible. That's my opinion of course. But you can check out a review here if you like:

Great electronics but IMO a poor paint job.

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