Foam unfolding for the Iron Man Mark 3 based off of Dancin Fools' files


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Hello Iron Man fans,

I've been working on my build for an Iron Man Mark 3 costume. While I've been working on it, I stumbled upon the wonderful files posted by Dancin Fool, or DF, (who has his own thread here: ) and his work with 3D modeling is the best I've seen for the Mark 3.
So I began making the suit in my free time. After working on the arms for a couple months (I'm a college student without much free time) I realized that I can also change the files in ways that would make it infinitely easier for me to make the suit. So I started taking the files I was using from DF and doing my own unfolding for them as I went. These unfoldings take the thickness and flexibility of the foam into account so I wouldn't have to cut as much, or use the rims along the edges that are found in all of the files where I didnt think they were necessary for structure and shape.
After making these changes, I was able to finish the entire back and neck in a couple of weeks during finals period.
So, I decided that while I had all these files I might as well put them up so others could use them.

I'll post them as I make them, along with progress photos of my own build, reference photos I use, and anything else I think you guys might find useful or that's requested.
For my files I'll hold to a general rule of:

  • Removing all supports. They will still be on the upper left hand side close to the print area.
  • Removing "rims" on the pieces where I feel like they do not help. These rims will still be off to the side of the piece if you want to print them out. Just drag and drop them onto the area that it prints.
  • If there is a piece that is reflected in the unfolding, I'll usually only have one of the sides of the piece so as to conserve space and paper. The complementary piece will also be on the side next to the print area if you wish to print it.
  • I use A4 and A3 paper for my unfolds. There isnt much difference between A4 and letter, but I do use small margins on the side quite often so it will not print properly on letter paper (talking to you America!) If there is a request for it I'll go back and move things around so that they fit onto letter sized sheets. For those of you that don't have access to A3 printing, it's worthwhile to know that two A4 sheets of paper side-by-side along their longer side make an A3 sheet and you can simply change the settings in pepakura to A4 and print the file out, then glue the sheets together. Please please please remember to change your print and paper settings on pepakura as well as your printer or you will end up wasting some paper and being very frustrated like myself.
  • I'll try to hold to the original scale that Dancin Fool has on his files, but sometimes I change it for myself and will forget to change it back. You should check the scale before you print. (original scale: 1.639500)
  • Sometimes when there is an accent to the piece where it is a sort of open box sunk into the piece, I will remove that or have it unfolded in a slightly less convenient to make way because I plan on making it by gluing a scrap piece of foam to the back and allowing the thickness of the foam to create the accent.

Don't forget, the modeling was not done by me but by Dancin Fool, so all credit should go to him for that.
I wish you all luck with your suits! Have fun!

Back Dongle unfold:
Dongles foam (A4).pdo

Calf unfold:
View attachment IronManMk3_Calf foam (A3, scaled).zip

  • NOTE the use of A3 sized paper in this part.
  • This part is scaled off from the original.

Calf Dongle unfold:
View attachment IronManMk3_CalfDongles foam (A4).zip

Chest Dongle unfold:
View attachment IronManMk3_ChestDongle foam (A4).zip

]Neck unfold:
IronManMk3_Neck foam (A4).pdo

  • I recommend when making this to extend the bottoms of the individual pieces so that they overlap and this way you can move your neck without exposing it. I had the neck connected down the two sides and then had it like scales that slide over each other. so i could nod my head
  • take into account the back piece while making this because it will determine how much gap will be left over for the neck, especially when using thicker foam.

Shoulder unfold:
View attachment IronManMk3_Shoulder foam (A4).zip

Side Abs unfold:
IronManMk3_SideAbs foam (A4).pdo
**Note: There wasn't much I changed with this unfolding from the original other than remove the rim and support pieces, as well as reflected pieces.**

Thigh unfold:
View attachment IronManMk3_Thigh foam (A3).zip

  • NOTE the use of A3 paper in this part.

Abs unfold:
IronManMk3_Abs foam (A4).pdo
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