iron man 2

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  1. Leffingwell99

    Fully connected Iron Man suit.

    Hey all, I've been drawing up ideas in my head since quarantine and a few weeks ago, I've decided to finally just start building an iron man suit, the Mk 4. Making the panels from foam is easier than I expected and I haven't run into many issues, the problem is how clunky the parts on my waist...
  2. shareahack

    DIY Wearable Arc Reactor with 5 Interchangeable Designs (3D Printed, 1-day Build)

    Hi all! While I was working on my Mark 1 helmet video, I had the idea to make a quick 3D printed "under-the-shirt" arc reactor. It evolved into bigger project with adding the swappable faceplates with different arc reactor profiles. Some of the designs aren't 100% true because I had to come up...
  3. alenami

    Iron Man MK4 (WIP)

    Hello everyone! Let’s do my first post here! This is my MK IV eva foam so far. Hope you enjoy!
  4. Cri7e

    Iron Man Mk 46 out of Sintra

    Hello everybody, long time no see! After finishing my Mk 40 "Shotgun" suit almost entirely without posting anything on here I thought for my next armor it was about time to share some progress, knowledge and maybe some tricks with the community. I am currently in the process of 3D printing a...
  5. Starmind001

    Stark Medical Scanner

    I have just finished an Iron man 2 prop, the Stark Medical Scanner. I am calling this a finished prototype. There are flaws, but I wanted to show off a bit. Hope you all enjoy!
  6. D

    Iron Man Mk6 (or Mk4) forearm help - How do you do the mini rockets?

    Hello everyone! First post here, so sorry if I've missed some super obvious way to find what I'm looking for. I'm taking my first steps at making an Iron Man cosplay, and I'm wanting to have as many moving parts as possible. I'm particularly enamored with the Mk 6's arm design, and would like...
  7. G

    Iron Man Helmet Senior Project

    Hey guys. So I have already posted about this before but I got no replies and my project adviser suggested that I start another thread. My name is George and I am trying to make a replica Iron Man Helmet as a project. I am making it out of an EVA foam and basing it off of a template that I found...
  8. G

    Iron Man Helmet Project

    Hey guys. So my name is George and I am a senior in high school trying to make an Iron Man helmet. I am hoping to document my project and find help on this form. This is the first time I have ever done something like this so I hope it works out. As of now I have decided that making a model out...
  9. M

    Can anyone ID the Sneaker soles in IRON MAN 2?

    HI All, I'm working on a Tony stark model from IRON MAN 2, the Monaco race scene. I was hoping to draw from the huge knowledge base and forenzic attention to detail here. The screen grabs I have are pretty low rez ,they're workable but It would be nice to ID the shoes and get some higher rez...
  10. J

    War Machine Mk 1 Progress Thread - It Starts

    I am starting a War Machine build based on IM2. At the moment I'm assembling Pep files and Foam mock ups to determine which will provide the best detail/difficulty ratio. Some features I want to include are: Motorized Faceplate with LED visor Mounted shoulder cannon with motorized spin...
  11. Carrossea

    Rare Iron Man Cast & Crew Gift?

    Hi everyone, I bought this resin Iron Man helmet/mask recently from a seller I usually buy from who sells a wide variety of things he gets from garage sales (perfumes, motorcycle helmets, clothing, etc). He came across this recently at a big garage sale in Burbank, CA. He found this in a box...
  12. Agent Coulson

    IRON MAN MK IV SUIT Upgrades and Advice

    So after many years of research I am finally the proud owner of a pre-owned FullBodyArmor Mark 4 suit. It is in good condition aside from normal wear and scratches here and there, but I want to give it a respray and make it more screen accurate. Ive searched this site from top to bottom and...
  13. R

    The Iron-Bat

    I am in the middle of a project I like to call Iron-Bat. Basically I am posting on here as i am looking for a number of things. This started out as a little something to do in my spare time for myself.. but now im am getting a little carried away with myself and want to make multiple casts of...
  14. M

    Motorized iron man helmet

    I'm looking to motorized the hasbro legend series iron man helmet. There's plenty of information on motorizing self made helmets but the design of this one makes it impossible to follow any tutorial out there. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated because I really have no idea...
  15. Cri7e

    Iron Man Undersuit

    Hi everybody, If you are like me, currently working on an Iron Man Suit and wondering what to wear under it, I found this little alternate ending for Iron Man 2 which gives you some interesting insights in what Tony is wearing under his suit.
  16. taibhse

    Iron Man Mark 20 Python Build (WIP)

    OK so this is my first ever endeavor into foam prop / costume building, I'm a final year Product/Industrial Design student with a little too much free time on his hands. I am building the suit using EVA (assuming eva) Camping mats and floor mats, the aim is to have this finished in time for my...
  17. G

    oz comic con 2016 mk 46 iron man cosplay photos _ wearing the suit

    Here are some photos from Oz Comic Con 2016, wearing my mk 46 ironman cosplay. It was fairly easy to move and walk around, still needs some adjustments though.
  18. jamesheneghan

    3D Printing Iron Man MK46 Suit

    Hi All, This thread is my progress on my Iron Man MK 46 build. Some of you may know of TKCC71's AMAZING!!! build here on the RPF(which you can find here: ) which inspired me to post my progress on here :) The files I use were created by MZX (Link...
  19. emtron

    Need help fixing Iron Man helmet fiberglass build

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie on props and recently I started my first project: an Iron Man Mark 42 Helmet. First of all I assembled my pepakura model and then I fiberglassed the whole helmet. Everything worked like a charm and after two weeks I got my first and strong creation. Now I start working with...
  20. G

    Hifi Ironman Mark II Foam/Cast/3DP/Gold-titanium

    Blue Sky Requirements First establish where I want to be: an Ironman armor, made of titanium and steel alloy, or similar (already checked, couldn't source any vibranium nor adamantium on such short notice); of model mark II, i.e. NOT weaponised (don't want any issues with MoD); powered by a...
  21. I

    Iron Man mark 42

    I am trying to make Iron Man back from Iron Man 3, mk42, the reason is because it is the most complex suit that you can find all the parts for. I am going to save you all hours looking by giving you the files All of the files: Note...
  22. Cri7e

    Iron Man 2: Arc Reactor Blueprints

    Custom Arc Reactor blueprint thread. The final file looks like this: Original 1st Post:
  23. AlexPrime

    Iron Man Mark VI Foam Build!

    I know, I know. I think everyone has some form of an Iron Man costume on here. It seems to be a bit of a staple costume, but I have always wanted to take my shot at it. I've been lurking around the forums for a good few years now, and I finally have something I feel proud enough to post up...
  24. C

    (In Process) Fem. Ironman Suit / Pepper's Rescue Suit / Irongirl Barracuda Mark ST1

    Hello everyone! Well i build a pepper's rescue suit mixed with irongirl barracuda Mark ST1 and a little of the mark 42 suit. I started with test different materials, before i decided for which i go for. First try of the helmet out of sintra I didn't like the shape and made some thoughts...
  25. G

    Black Widow Avengers movie gauntlets

    I got a creative bug up my butt this morning and modeled out the full wrist taser gauntlet thingie that Black Widow wears in the first Avengers movie. I thought I would post it up here. I have a friend who wanted this for her costume so I modeled it out for her. Here is just the first draft of...

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