foam and plasti-dip problems

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by takaaaa, Jul 9, 2015.

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    So this has been a hit or miss problem when i use Plasti-dip to seal my foam before primer. Sometimes it comes out really nice and smooth and other times it for some reason come out very bumpy like a 100 grit sand paper feel. I make sure my foam is dust free; shake the can very well; used brand new cans.
    Any one else have this problem and anyone know what causes this? I have photos on my DSLR of macro shots but forgot my card reader at work, so I can upload tomw, if needed.

    I prefer plasti-dip over white glue+water, so I would prefer to know how to solve this problem, rather than use a different sealer.

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    I'd suggest using both. The PVA glue seals it, and the Plastidip provides that sort of primer coating. It works well. A couple of layers of glue, then a couple of layers of Plastidip.
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    are you using a heat gun or anything to seal the pores first? I've done that for most of my foam stuff and it seems to help the plastidip absorb into the foam less.
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    What he said. It helps.
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    I use to do that but still got bumpy finish sometimes, I stopped using PVA first because I'm lazy. haha but I may have found a reason why Its happening.

    Yes, I tend to heat gun it before sealing. But I believe the reason is because i have a bad can that has some dried in the nozzle or Im spraying to far away. But I read from many people that if I do get that bumpy finish, that smoothing it out with paint thinner and re-coating will get rid of it. fingers crossed

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