First trooper helmet!


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Howdy All!!
So finally comes the exiting moment when you get to look for your first Stormtrooper Helmet!!yEEeeeee, But ohh dear so many choices and so inexperienced , thank goodness there's A place like this where you can always find a helping hand!. So after some research It seems that it comes to something like this , what Helmet would you choose between :

A) AP Authentic Props Helmet
B) ATA Helmet
C) SDS Battle spec helmet kit
D) any suggestions that I may have overlook

I'm thinking The armor will follow soon so I guess It will have to match the helmet, also since it will be my first one hopefully the construction shouldn't be overly demanding (it seems that the sds is easy to put togheter), also I'm thinking ABS so I don't have to paint it white.
Thank you folks I know It's been asked before and in the like your first time , you just have to close your eyes and leap!!!!
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Re: Popping the Helmet cherry!!

Yeesh! I am all for off color jokes, but you may want to change the thread title.
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