First Time Costumer


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Hey All,

So this is my first costume I have ever created, (with the help of the g/f and her mom hehe). Long story short I'm American my g/f is Canadian and my ongoing nickname has been the Captain so I thought it was time to make it all come together. Made it for a local convention in Winnipeg, MB. Let me know what you guys think. I'd like to do a rework for next year as The Avengers version of Capt.

Thanks for looking :)


Majesty! :p


Full length.

P.S. I wanted to wear the helmet but my head was to big for the one I found >< 24.5" Sounds like im sculpting one for next year.


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costume looks great :)

alltho i allways suggest a muscle suit with this costume :)
chris evans is a Monster, i think his shoulders are twice as wide as mine :)

did you make that shield?


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Actually the shield is the disguise plastic movie one I just slapped bondo on the back to give it some rigidity + handle/ hardware from home depot and a 3 dollar belt from walmart.

As far as the muscle suit I do agree haha to be honest Ive been slacking a bit on the gym but im going to be getting pumped for next year with all that form fitting avenger suit.


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Also not going to lie costuming was made for me on Sunday when I had a guy walk up to me and ask me to hold his baby so bizarre but just dear old dad trying to make memories haha.
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