First Pred Mask!

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hey guys this week is christmas and im getting my money . When i get my money im going to shop for some stuff for my pred mask. My own shopping list

(doing a latex mask)
-Bottle of Latex
-Oil based clay
-PVA glue for the layers
-Foam head to put the clay on
-some vasaline

this is how im doing it . Get the foam head , start shapping clay on it making it a predator mask put some mandibles. After i have shaped the mask i put vasaline b4 i paint the latex on then add some layers of pva also i heard that u supose to add quite alot of layers with the latex can anyone tell me how much in a day or anything!

PS : if i shaped the predators face out and then finish with it can i use it more then once??!?!?

Thanks everyone for reading

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I'm struggling to understand your method. A brief summary of how you would normally do a latex mask is:
Cover foam head with oil based clay and sculpt the details
Decide where the parting line should go for multipart mould
Prepare a multi-part plaster mould, several layers thick and re-inforced with scrim/bandages
Once cured separate mould and remove the clay sculpt
Clean the mould and re-assemble with strapping or screws
Pour latex "and shake it all aboot"
Repeat until desired thickness
Let cure and then remove from the mould.

Original sculpt will probably get wrecked but should be good enough to use as a base for something else.

Your method is a bit strange. Layering latex/silicone onto the clay sculpt is normally how you would make a resin or plaster cast (solid and can't be worn).
Not sue where the PVA comes in and adding anything on top of the sculpt means the detail is on the wrong side, unless your doing detailng with PVA. This is also rather unusual. If that's what you intend doing then your original should be more or less intact, but the clay might be a bit dry from moisture being drawn out by the latex.

To poduce a replica of anything you need to use an intermediate negative mould. Clay-Plaster-Latex or Clay-Latex/Silicone-Plaster/Resin depending on whether you want a wearbale mask or a solid static display.


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As Crawjaw mentioned, you're probably better off creating the clay sculpture, then making a mold out of plaster (like Ultracal 30), then casting the latex in that. If you just put latex on top of a clay sculpture, it won't reproduce the detail very well, and I'm not even sure how you'd be able to get the clay out of there.

The Monster Makers has mask making kits as well as basic instructions on how to make a latex mask. I also wrote up a detailed explanation of my mask making process for my Gamera costume, including plenty of pictures.

By the way, once you make the plaster mold, you can reuse it and cast more Predator masks out of it, if you're making an army of Predators. You most likely won't be able to reuse the clay sculpture because it'll get pulled apart when you take the two-piece plaster mold apart.


New Member this is the method that u guys been saying its weird.

Which one should i do that method or the foam method? that predattack does.

its so hard to do the proper way i cant understand it partly -_- and i dont know where to get the tools and ucal 30 or somthing from :S!

Please help! thanks for replying the top!

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