First E-11 mod


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Hey everyone! Here is my first mod build (Disney electronic ) e-11 blaster. I have added appropriate ANH greeblies. I'd like to give a big shoutout to charlesnarles over at and Casket Chris here on the RPF. You guys gave me a great start.

Most of the modifying I did on my own without specs. View attachment 492655 View attachment 492656 View attachment 492657
View attachment 492660 This is a quality conversion (and the prototype, so future models will be even better). If this blaster build catches your fancy, shoot me a PM and we can go into the details even more (more pics, etc.). If enough interest is garnered, I will go into production for private commissions. If you think you would like me to mod a blaster for you, ask me via PM or email me. I would be more than happy to go over the fine print, pricing , delivery times, and whatever other concerns, comments, or critiques you may have.


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Welcome to the RPF. Your attachment link is not valid. And just to make you aware, interest threads need to be posted in the Project Runs forum.
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