first attempt at foam axe

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this is my first attempt at a foam axe. it was much more dirty before the top coat. so suggestions on top coating of water colors? the dirt is water color based as it was what seemed to get into the cracks with some surface tension break added. so anyway, feed back? and thanks. DSC02279.JPGDSC02280.JPGDSC02281.JPG
color here is closest to actualDSC02282.JPGDSC02283.JPG
and here it is best over all with about right colors.DSC02284.JPG


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Looks good. Is your handle made with pvc? Design on the axe head actually looks very nice, imagae that took some time.

Good work.

Furious Minion

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Yes PVC on the handle. the first one was heated and flattened slightly to give it an oval cross section, but I liked the round one better and went back to it. about half of the time on this was really in the paint job, the rest of the time was planning and lay out and then surprisingly little to cut and glue. :)


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Looks great, but the handle screams out "Hey, I'm a PCV pipe!" If you could find something to hide that, this would be perfect! Maybe cover it with something so it could resemble wood?