Buffy AT-4 Rocket Launcher Build.


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I picked a used AT-4 at a steal price since it was missing the front cover. Idea was to replicate the launcher used by Buffy to take down the Judge in the Season 2 episode, Innocence. The main challenge was to replicate the PVS 4 night vision scope. I had seen the empty housings cheap on Ebay and didn't realise it was completely illegal to send them out of the US. Doh!

I ended up using a combination of acrylic tubes, laser cut parts, and a Saturn V kit piece as the eyepiece!

Scratch built a new front cover, added missile switches and leds to the sight-cover boxes and she's done. Very cool piece :)




Very cool build!

RE exporting out of the US, very much depends on the generation of the image tube (I've had a couple of PVS2 exported without issue), as well as how knowledgeable the sellers are, most aren't prepared to take any risk. I've read through most of the ITAR [and believe I understood it], but still couldn't convince some sellers to post stuff overseas.
I actually bought one and had it shipped to a friend in the US to send on to me, then found out about all the restrictions. Reading the documentation seemed to indicate he would have needed to apply for a licence to export. I couldn't put him at risk, so got him to send detailed mrasurements.
Having handled real AT-4s and shot both AP warhead versions and the sub caliber 9MM tracer insert trainer versions, the switch up front must be a prop maker thing. I never saw a NVG mounted on one, as we were to use our (helmet mounted) PVS7s through the simple peep sight. To this day I can't imagine how that'd worked out!

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