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I've been looking round for months trying to find somewhere to buy a model, kit or guide to building Mal's pistol from Firefly and Serenity. I might well have just been looking in the wrong places but can anyone give me a lead on a current provider please?
Firefly - imfdb :. guns in movies :. movie guns :. the internet movie firearms database

just ebay it if there is no one here that sells them i got mine there... will take a bit more clean up as the quality will never be what you get here
If you want the best of the best, the Model 47A - all metal - is the one to get. I'm not sure on the availability though... you may wanna visit FireflyProps and get in touch with Badger.

The next best option would be Sidkit's, but considering that this kit is no longer in production, it may be a bit out of reach. Of course, you can scour the JY or FireflyProps to see if anyone's willing to part with theirs. If I recall correctly, Sidkit made both TV and movie versions of the gun.

On the resin front, the most accurate TV gun casting available is Phillipes'. I have one myself (painted by Joatrash) and it is very very nice. It's also very rare but once in a while it would pop up in the JY. Just keep your eyes open.

Pic is of Robstyle's build up

Then there's the Qmx resin stunt version of the movie gun. Also sold out... again, check the JY and Ebay.

The most commonly available resin kit is of course Wilco Model's. Its based on their own sculpt (not off a screen used) but overall it looks pretty acceptable, especially as a costume piece. Its affordable and fairly easy to finish.
The 47A was a very limited run, produced from scratch with the best reference that can be had on hand. Its all metal, brass, steel and aluminum parts, wood grips, with a moving trigger that goes "click".

There was a Model 47 before the 47A but again, very limited run and very expensive for the average collector. Again its all metal, brass, steel and aluminum parts, wood grips. The captain himself has one.

The Phil castings were from the original mold of the FF version. Many of them however needed extensive work on the lower front area due to the thumbscrews being molded in. The mold ripped quickly. They also needed anywhere from minor to major fill and seam work but for the original sale price and being from the original mold, this was acceptable. Mine needed the entire front area reshaped and thumbscrews replaced. I sharpened all lines and added original castings of the thumbscrews taken from one of the hero guns. In other words, if you were to pay someone to do this and paint it as mine is shown above, you would be looking at a good $250 not including the price of the prop itself.

This is my finished Phil casting below one of the two hero guns to show the original version vs the movie version side by side. Its not a bad paint job considering it was done by memory alone:

I cant really comment on the SidKit other than what ive seen in pictures and read about. Its potmetal meaning its rather brittle but for a shelf piece its great.

The licensed QMX Mal is a reworked casting from the movie mold which again, like the original FF mold, was damaged due to the thumbscrews being molded in. The front would have needed to be reworked and new thumbscrews put in place. For the money, it was a great replica. There is a misinterpretation that its taken off a screen used stunt casting as opposed a pull from the original stunt mold with the latter being fact. There were only rubber castings made for film use with one sole hardcasting produced and that casting cant be in two places at once.
A sharp eye will spot it quickly:
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