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That's a bit of what I have made and I've been super proud. I have more things and my interests in this hobby grew because I wanted cool plant pots so I made them. I've learned some tips and suggestions from other vendors within my local community but I feel like I am also missing some crucial stuff when I build things. I do rotocasting in dragonskin (platinum) silicone brush on molds. the head mounts I fill with foam and they are all lightweight enough and just gross - its been a you absolutely love it or are repelled by it.

How do you coat everything after you've painted it? I usually use a clearcoat matte/satin depending and have also tried a clearcoat for car rims witch was really protective but also muddies up some details. What do you use and do you have suggestions?

I have been looking to get into some basic mask making just to see if I can; I want to make a goblin mask but I'm not sure where to start - I know I want to make it out of dragonskin so It can move with my face (assuming I need to make a lifecast for that to work) but I've only worked with platinum silicone(dragonskin) and was wondering if its possible to make a dragonskin casting with a dragonskin mold or if I need different materials. I searched the forum and found some vague answers and wasn't sure where to start - or maybe I'm asking this information in the wrong area.


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