Finished Custom PKD (Anime/Cyperpunk/Ross inspired)

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I just finished my Custom Anime/Cyberpunk/Ross inspired Blade Runner PKD. I love the Ross kit that was out there, but good luck getting one of those

This build utilized 3 different available kits found on Thingiverse and Cults. It took a lot of customization to get all the kits to mesh up, but it all worked out in the end. Here are the files I used…

PKD-2019 Blade Runner PKD
PKD-2019 Blade Runner Blaster Snub Nose Version
Sub-Nose Bladerunner Blaster Parts Set

The Stubby kit required a gun I found on Amazon.

I didnt like the grips that were required for the stubby kit, so I modified the Amazon pistol to use the full version grips. Much better look in my opinion.

The “laser” is a cheap Lowes flashlight. (I found a better one at Walmart, but already finished and don't want to redo it)

The paint is Krylon rattlecan camo tan. I used a homemade wash to dirty her up and finished off with some rust/black pigment.


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Looks great! Good work compiling a kit!

I have been working on a kit to mimic Rick Ross for a while as well. I ended up modeling a bunch of pieces for mine. I hope to start posting pics here soon.

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