finished black spiderman suit (first costume)

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    i started this back in march trying to get it ready for cardiff comic con, thinking it'll only be a few weeks work....boy was i wrong i quickly got way out of my depth made loads of errors, i tried doing things which shouldnt of been done etc

    but anyways i didnt get it done in time so gave up threw it in the loft,
    but london comic con coming up and i have decided to go and this time in a costume, for the first time
    this i my first costume i have made so i do know its not 100% perfect as already mentioned alot of trail and error when into this but i think i managed to salvage it as at one point i had enough and threw it into the attic never to be seen again

    SAM_4350.JPG SAM_4348.JPG 11407159_10153019009068983_5238353460318672715_n.jpg 11391427_10153019004693983_4952945554852239444_n.jpg

    new eyes
    x3 layers of mesh from a kithen sieve, painted white on the outside then black on the inside,
    x1 layer of plastic from a coke bottle
    11393207_10153022567843983_5945212475317622570_n.jpg 11391226_10153022567448983_6332672432469986529_n.jpg 11254222_10153022567633983_7292471263681044763_n.jpg

    thanks for looking
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    Looking good!
    Way better than I could make!
  3. ch4dg

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    thank you :)
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    Love the frames and lenses. Awesome job on them
  5. ch4dg

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    thank you, the rubbery outside bits were cut from the asm2 spidey sense mask

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