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    Fine Molds latest reissue of their 1/72 X-Wing Fighter bears a round sticker on the face of the box, announcing the inclusion of a limited edition 1/72-scale brass C-3PO figure with the kit.


    Inside the box, neatly double-bagged, you'll find the protocol droid in all his tiny glory. He stands just 2.5 cm tall:


    There's a peg that protrudes from his right heel. I pressed it into a block of styrofoam in order to help him stand up for these shots.


    The figure is a promotion and included without charge -- at least, at my local shop in Tokyo, the price was the same for the X-Wing kits with or without the figure. I couldn't find any information in the kit about how many of these figures FM plans to issue.

    Note that the X-Wing kit itself is exactly the same as the previous issues. This is NOT a new kit. It seems as if Fine Molds wanted to come up with a way to stimulate repeat purchases by people who already have this kit. It sure worked on me. The little brass dude was too cool to pass up... and I figure you can never have too many X-Wings. :D

    EDIT: Photos removed in order to create more global attachment space. :)
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    That's a * good sculpt for 1/72.

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