Finally starting my first suit


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Hi all, this is my first post, having been building sci-fi models for years I have finally decided to buid a suit. I normally get bogged down in minute details before I even start a small model, so on something this big I'm going to try and just 'get on with it'. The plan so far - I've bought a set of american football shoulder pads off e bay as a starting point for the armour. I'm under 5' 8'' tall so this will hopefully bulk me out a bit. I have this cheap bio which will be used purely as a base to hopefully sculpt my own onto.

For making my own bio I'm thinking of using Jesmonite, it seems to be an easier version of fiberglass without the fumes and the fast hardening time; however I won't be making a bio until I buy a mask, I've been looking at what members are selling, I think I will be going for a P2, but I will hopfully be putting in operating mandibles.

The gauntlets I will hopefully be able to make, I'm used to scratchbuilding and I'm going to be experimenting with making the hands and feet.

The only thing I am unsure of at the moment are the different methods for painting the latex mask/skin, does anybody know if the latex paints being sold on e bay are any good?

The dreads I will be attempting myself, purely because I've worked with latex in the past and I just want to see if I can do it!

That's as far as I've got at the moment, this is not going to be a quick build due to other committments and budget, I will let you know if any of my experimenting works - or not - amy comments or suggestions would be warmly welcomed.
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