Fem Captain America Age of Ultron Costume Build [Edit: Completed w/Pics]

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Your suit looks really cool! I like the no helmet aesthetic.

Also, you should totally go for the kylo ren costume, I really dig it. And if you're up for it, the scarlet witch costume with the headpiece from the AOU concept art book would be fantastic

Thanks!! I'm glad you like it. :) I also LOVE the idea of making that Scarlet Witch concept art costume!!! I actually hadn't seen it previously, and totally love the look. A nice balance between comics and real life -- keeps the key design aspects of the comic costume, and makes it much more wearable (not to mention modest, bahaha) for a "real life" superhero. Which doesn't make sense, but that's okay. ;) I finally saw AoU again last week, and was reminded of Wanda's costume at the end -- that'd be fun to make as well, maybe meld the concept art look with that costume... anyway, thank you so much for the absolutely brilliant cosplay idea!!! Scarlet Witch is definitely on the list of costumes to make now. :D

Just as @OneGoodScare says, the scarle witch would be a good one for you, or maybe black widow, female thor, the new version of wonder woman from batman v superman, gamora from gardians of the galaxy the list of possibilities is alnost endless, im not really that into starwars (sorry guys) so cant comment on their characters but at the end of the day as long as you have an interest in the character you are portraying nothing else matters.

Yes! I've been wanting to do a fem Thor, maybe for the premiere of Ragnarok -- but I also want to make a fem Loki, soooo still have to think about that. ;D But YES, I totally agree with you that, as long as I care about who I'm cosplaying, it's all good. That's what cosplay is all about. ^_^ I loathe the cosplay shaming that we costumers so often get -- it's called cosPLAYYYY not coswork or cosperfect. Ughh. Wrap your head around that, people. If you don't like it, move along. It's not going to hurt anything -- in fact, it will keep you from hurting people. ANYWAY. Rant over. :p Thanks again for the great suggestions!!

This came out great!

Thankyou so much! ^_^ :)

Amazing work! It looks better than many I have seen without budget limitations.

Awhhh my goodness, that's a delightful compliment. Thanks so much!

A few other suggestions would be a female spider-man 2099 as well as Nightwing

I had to look those two costumes up, as I hadn't heard of them before -- I absolutely love Nightwing's costume, and spidey 2099 is quite a unique design as well!! Thanks for the ideas -- I'm definitely going to look into Nightwing some more. :D

Dr Henry Jones

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So, I've been hanging around the RPF for a while now, and finally decided to post my fem Cap build, to get some feedback: suggestions, compliments, criticism, whatevs. ;)

Notes and disclaimers... almost this entire costume was made by my own hands, excepting the boots, shield, and gloves, on a very tight budget. It's no where near the level of perfection that some of you costume makers are at *cough smp designs cough* BUT I had a ton of fun making it, and learned quite a bit from the experience.

This is my 4th official cosplay (the previous three where Middle-earth costumes), and was the most difficult project I've encountered to date.

It gets better as it goes along, I promise. ;)

Oh also, this was not meant to be 100% screen accurate. I love playing around with ideas to improve upon the costume, and especially since this is a fem version, I think I had a bit more right to play around with details.

Anyway, getting right into the build. I should have started this thread months ago, when I first started creating it, as now I'm now in the final 5 days of work, set to be finished for the Age of Ultron midnight (or rather, 7pm? What's up with that anyway? :p) premiere.

It began with a tentative start, working on the bodice.

Blue fabric: Got it from a local thrift store (like I said, tight budget). It's some type of athletic fabric, with great breath-ability, gorgeous navy/midnight shade, just enough stretch to keep its shape but still give a bit, easy to work with, aaand it's got a sweet looking weave going on:

View attachment 469333

To reinforce the stripes, I sewed the red fabric to upholstery leather (left over from another costume). This made achieving the right shape fairly easy, plus added a bit of the 3D detail a la the real costume.

View attachment 469334

Red accent fabric: Also from the thrift, bold red, sturdy and heavy weight, which works great for the angular accents. A bit brighter than it should be, but it works. Playing with the idea of using some black shoe polish to weather it, as well as the entire ab stripe section. Opinions?

View attachment 469335

Very rough draft of the upper bodice; I just drafted it and did some experimenting/pinning until I was happy with the fit and the look. Plenty of modifications to this later on.

View attachment 469336

Details of the side ab stripes:

View attachment 469337

What the costume is looking like so far in the process:

View attachment 469338

Then was work on the back and ab section, adding the last two stripes plus adjusting fit.

View attachment 469339

View attachment 469340

Rough start to the back:

View attachment 469341

Idea of what was to come... other stripes ready to be sewn (tape because they were too thick to pin, plus it would have punctured the leather underneath), and mock up star, made from aluminum foil and paper backing.

View attachment 469342

Pants base created:

View attachment 469343

New apparel leather for gauntlets, belt, pouches, and shield harness:

View attachment 469344

Start on the gauntlets:

View attachment 469345

Zipper (attached to collar for necessity) for the back:

View attachment 469346

New and improved back ready to be sewn:

View attachment 469347

Sleeves WIP:

View attachment 469349

And the updated top and back:

View attachment 469348

View attachment 469325

Avengers symbols, made of craft foam, for the shoulders:

View attachment 469326

Another post coming, with all the work I've done since this point. Thanks so much for reading through this, and I'm excited to share the rest of the costume with you awesome people of the RPF. ;)
That's an absolutely stellar execution and end-result. Kudos to you and your creative costuming skills! That being said, I found myself almost as excited to see a picture of home as a backdrop - Chattanooga, specifically Bluff View Art District. Don't see much of that in general daily perusals. Fantastic cosplay costume! Equally fantastic selection of venue.

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