Fantastic Films Magazine advertisement for lightsaber?


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WAAAAY back in the late 1970's, Fantastic Films advertised two sci fi weapons, one was the famed Weapon Shops of Isher Model A plasma gun (which I bought), and another was a lightsaber that was essentially a aluminum tube with black accents (?) and a lit acryllic blade. Anyone got any photos of the ad or the item itself? Anyone remember this at all? Am I just crazy?


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Nope, you're not crazy. Someone posted the ad awhile back.
From what I can remember it was waaaaaay off in terms of accuracy to the screen used sabers.


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That is exactly how I remembered it! Thanks blip. Say, did anyone actually buy this thing or have any real photos of it? Yes, it is about screen accurate as the Kenner inflatable saber, but back in the 70's who knew :)
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