Fanhome the Falcon returns!!!!


Sr Member
Looks like Fanhome is re-releasing the Millennium Falcon!

Unfortunately it's not the upgraded kit that STK Workshop released with interior lighting, hallway lighting and upgraded cockpit electronics. It's the same kit as the Deagostini model that was released years ago. It's still a good kit that I'm still working on LOL. So I guess if anyone is missed out on the Deagostini kit or is missing issues or needs extra parts Fanhome is the place to go.

Wonder if they will release the X-wing with all the panel gaps and x wing motor fixed? If they do I'd be all over that since I missed the Deagostini release! : )
There already is a Facebook page for the Fanhome release and from the sounds of it I don't like people's chances of getting missing issues at all.

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