Interest Fallout helmets 3D printable files


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Wanna check if I could find any interest for these files from F3/4/New Vegas:

Price range per helmet would be 40-60 usd

Frame 87.png
Frame 85.png
Frame 86.png
Frame 83.png
Frame 84.png
Frame 89.png
Frame 90.png
Frame 91.png
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Happy to do the printing for anyone interested.
Thats awesome of you! I actually am wondering if you'd print this jurassic park night vision goggles, and how much you would charge. I would print it myself, but my printer isn't big enough, and I'd like to avoid splitting it the model and gluing it together.

Found here:

You might have luck selling them on Etsy as well !

If you're looking to update the NCR file...
This is a comprehensive list of details I made for Dark Matter Props years ago.
I’m interested in the Ranger helmet if you update to JKRIBs list of details!

Also, can the face be magnetically attached to the helmet for easier removal?

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