fallout new vegas

  1. Jamesluke32

    Fallout New Vegas playing cards

    After realizing that the cards from the collectors edition don’t match the artwork for the cards in game I decided to make a more game accurate pack of cards. Here is my set of Lucky 38 cards based on the in game artwork.
  2. Fritzy525

    Fallout: New Vegas General Discussion

    Hey everyone! Recently, I bought Fallout: New Vegas with all 6 DLCs and so far I love the game! I have played it before, but last time I played I didn't have any of the DLCs and I didn't make much progress. I was also surprised when I saw there wasn't already a general discussion for the game...
  3. Light Leather Armor

    Light Leather Armor

    My early-campaign Sole Survivor. The leather armor is the studded variety, which features carriage bolts and wingnuts of various size, with a hand-stitched fringe using waxed thread. Weathering was done using sandpaper and some engine grease from a '95 Nissan Pathfinder.
  4. Yellow Flight Helmet

    Yellow Flight Helmet

    My early-campaign Sole Survivor, in the flesh. The yellow flight helmet was constructed from an old motorcycle helmet with assorted bits of thrift-store junk bolted on; the rest is hand-worked leather and thrift clothing.
  5. Alerathy

    NCR Desert Ranger

    Hi all, just started getting into cosplay and I have finally completed my first build which happens to be the NCR Desert Ranger variant. I wanted to switch up the trend a bit because I had seen a ton of the regular NCR Veteran Ranger but nothing really in the way of the desert variant. There is...
  6. CallsignFallout

    T-45 power armor build!

    So recently I asked about t-45 shoulders and I came up with my own foam ones after about 3 days. This thread will be my build progress on the armor. So far I have completed building the fore arms and I’m working on the belt, boots, and finishing up the shoulders. I will try and get some pictures...
  7. GoldPointProps

    Making A Fallout t-51b Power Armor Helmet Out Of Steel

    hey everyone! for my next project I am going to be making a t-51b power armor helmet from the fallout games! I am using the power armor edition helmet as reference. and I will be using 18 gauge mild steel for most of the metal work. I am starting with the back part of the helmet since it has...
  8. MymlanOhlin

    Prop maker introduction

    Hello all! I'm an amateur prop master in training, specializing in graphic recreations of printed props. My content is quite all over the place, with some of my more notable projects being Nuka Cola custom bottles from video game franchise Fallout, sculpted Skeleton Bottles (2nd place winner...
  9. CallsignFallout

    T-45 shoulders?

    I’m still new around here, I don’t know if this is exactly the right place to be posting this but here it is. I have been wanting to make some t-45 power armor. I see people asking about the T-45 power armor files but I found them on paper craft square. However, I have a problem. On the file...