Fallout 4 Missile


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A couple months ago, I finished up a Fallout 4 missile launcher (thread: https://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=283312&highlight=fallout+missile+launcher), so of course I immediately started thinking of ammo for it. It took a little bit because of other projects and life stuff, but here's the missile I made. It's 6mm EVA foam over 2 different diameters of cardboard tubing. The label is something I whipped up in Inkscape and printed out on my crappy inkjet printer. I figured it didn't need to look amazing, since I was going to be weathering it anyway.


The text font is as close as I could get to the in-game model. The wording is exact. For the record, the small print is "For use by trained personnel only. For indoor or outdoor use only. May irritate eyes-do not use orally. Do not attempt to put in pants." The PDF I created for the printed area is attached. View attachment MISSILE_TEXT.pdf