Fallout 3 science bobble head


So this bobble head I sculpted on a whim about a year ago. I decided to use crayola model foam as I wanted to see how useful it was. As a clay it is extremely useful as you can carved very accurate details and straight lines into the hair dry hardening foam and it will retain it. however it take foreverrrr for it dry. This bobble head didn't take long as I'm impatient and did it in one day then ket it dry. i painted it with acrylic paint and his glasses are made out of styrene.

It would be easy to do a set if the ones from the sets weren't so pricey on ebay. Folks want 20.00 and up for the things.
I've been thinking about actually doing the whole set. All the heads are the same, the majority of bodies/leags and arms are the same, just need to ake all the differnt little toys and make a bunch of copies. Seems easy enough.
Looks pretty good. I'm kind of surprised they didn't license someone to make these. I know there's a company that does all kinds of pop culture bobbleheads that could easily have done them. I've heard Bethesda has said they are only interested in making the games though not merchandising.
The limited edition of 3 came with a bobblehead and a lunchbox. The super limited edition came with a pipboy.

I love them both but I only have the lesser one.

But yeah, molding the official bobblehead and then modding the casts seems the way to go.
It would be easy to do a set if the ones from the sets weren't so pricey on ebay. Folks want 20.00 and up for the things.

Well technically they only came with the collectors edition which was like $80+ when it came out. Divide what was in there up and it probably factors out to about $20 for the bobblehead
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