Thane Mass effect 2 bust sculpt

It's not bad. I like what you're doing with the detail, but the likeness isn't quite there yet. His nose could be straighter, the eyes are too close together and the upper eyelids too rounded (the corners of his eyes should be about 1/3 of the total eye height from the top) and the mouth needs to be wider, with less Cupids-bow lips. His chin could be refined a bit too; it looks a bit flat, especially in profile. Have a look at the attached pic from the Wiki, see what you think.

BTW please take this as constructive criticism, not a slam - it's good sculpting and I like it. If you can get this far in just a few days then you can definitely nail it 100%.
So i haven't posted in this in forever, but basically, i got thane molded in silicon and I'm starting to cast him out in resin. PM me if you're interested in a cast, I'll be posting the final painted head in a little bit, thanks for looking :)
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