Fairy/Tinkerbell Themed Room for my daughter...


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We finally purchased our first home and I would like to take the time to make my
5 year old daughter's room something special. She is a fan of all things Peter Pan,
with an extra special place in her heart for Tinkerbell. She really wants a mural
painted on the walls of her new bedroom, which is something I have done for
others in the past. The mural part would be fun, but I want to take things a step

I thought it would be really fun to bring in some 3D objects to make it seem as if
she were the size of an actual fairy. For example... a spool of thread for a table,
with possibly a thimble for the seat.

This is where you come in... give me some ideas. What other things could we do?
A mushroom perhaps? What materials could I use to accomplish some of this?
What types of things should I include in the mural?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Preston - darksidedesign

p.s. My 3 year old son is a train nut and we will likely get going on his room after
we have finished this one, so any ideas there would be great too.


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I know Home Makeover made a lantern out of a 4-poster bed in their tink themed room. A wall mirror could be the hand mirror Wendy used. A single couch shaped like a flower. Tall curved lamps like grass blades. Lots of fun ideas. :)


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When my son was on the way I did an entire Peter Pan motif for his room. I made a night sky all the characters and for Tinkerbell I had her sitting on the light switch and used glitter mixed with paint for her wings.

Here are some pics. The Hook vs. Peter picture was about 4 feet by six feet. I was so proud of that room. We have since sold that house.





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If you want to do a large spool of thread, check with local a phone/cable/electric company (i.e Verizon, AT&T, Con Edison, PSE&G, etc.). See if you can find out and talk to the people that come out for repairs. Any company that runs lines from the poles should have large empty spools that the cables come on. Once the spools are empty, they usually just dispose of them. They may be willing to give you one for nothing. If you don't have one of those places available, try a section of PVC sewer pipe and 2 round sections of plywood. For enlarged thread, go to a home repair center and get some rope. A couple of rounds of this should look like thread.

A mushroom could be done with a section of pvc sewer pipe covered in padding and fabric for the stem and just a large custom pillow for the cap.

You could take some large branches and make large leaves using fabric and wire frames (for the veins). You could also make large flowers and large bugs (I'm sure there are plenty of bug themed stuffed animals readily available).



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Originally posted by Lord_Gita@Jan 1 2006, 09:51 PM
I know Home Makeover made a lantern out of a 4-poster bed in their tink themed room.  A wall mirror could be the hand mirror Wendy used.  A single couch shaped like a flower.  Tall curved lamps like grass blades.  Lots of fun ideas. :)

I definitly like the latern/bed idea. It's part of the story so really worth the effort.

I thought of a mushroom chair before reading it in the original post. It's a big obvious, but fun. You could pull it off with a bean bag on top of a base.

The Lost Boys lived in a tree house right? (It's been a loooong time since I visited Never Land) I would try to work a tree house theme in. Perhaps paint large leaves and branches around the top of the walls. You might even use poster board or sheets ABS to make leaves coming off the wall into the room.

Beautiful room Jades Dark Heart.


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I believe 3 day Blinds has a Disney license to do character window treatments (shades, blinds) so this might be a fast and easy addition.


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Originally posted by gnrlotto@Jan 2 2006, 05:54 AM
Are you going for a Disney look, or a more realistic one like the recent Peter Pan films, or even Hook?

Great ideas so far. Nice work on the Pan Room, JDH. I like the idea of giant leaves
or flowers, that would be really cool. She has told me she would like stars on the
ceiling, so we will likely do that.

As far as the look Disney vs live action, I definitely prefer the live action films to
the Disney version, although my daughter is a fan of all of them. If I did paint
Tinkerbell on the wall, it would likely be the Disney version for simplicity sake.
But I was thinking of making all the props in the room fairly realistic.

When I first mentioned the idea, my daughter said she wanted me to paint London
rooftops on one side of the room and Neverland on the other. I like the idea, but
thought it would be a great deal of work. Then I came up with the Fairy Scale idea,
and I am sure we are talking a whole lot more work than painting the walls. Why
do I do this to myself?

Keep the suggestions coming.



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LOL doing this type of thing makes it easy to go overboard. On the ceiling I used a huge template with ACTUAL constellations to paint the stars. When you turned off the lights the whole ceiling would glow with stars.

I really like the London skyline idea and had thought of doing that but with all the baby furniture my wife bought I only had one large wall space and I wanted the Peter vs. Hook to go there.

I cant wait to see your progress on this :)



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The mushroom should be easy to do- I know there are cat trees out there that could serve as a template (I know this because my wife wanted one and they are about $600)- Container store has some silvered trash cans that, with a ball peen hammer and a little time would look very much like an inverted thimble- With some particle board, a little paint, and the wire spools mentioned, you could make a nice desk or corner table to look like a playing card on top of a spool or too- A naked wood chest of drawers could be painted to look like stacked matchboxes pretty easily as well- Just a few thoughts-



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You could always watch "Honey, I shrunk the kids" and it's sequels to get some ideas.

I'm pretty sure you don't want to make a gritty Neverland, i.e. using pool foamies to make cigarette butts or big soda can tabs or beer bottle caps...or do you :lol. That would be pretty funny though.



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Had a chat with the wife about all this. We decided we had to take it one of two
ways... #1 Keep all the items man made objects, ie. spool of thread, thimble,
buttons, etc. or #2 Keep all the items natural objects, ie. flowers, mushrooms,
bugs, etc.

As it stands right now, we are leaning a little more towards the natural objects.
We thought it would be fun to make a flower shaped table and paint a large flower
on one wall and some toadstools on another. Of course, Tink would have to make
an appearance as well.

Only problem with this direction, I don't have as many ideas for natural 3D objects.
What are some other options? How could we incorporate a bean bag chair?



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Clouds on the ceiling but what about on the floor? make it look as if the bed is flying. Blue carpet with white cloud inserts.


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The floor and possibly the closet doors are the two areas of the room
that will likely go untouched. We do plan however to do the blue sky
thing with the clouds and maybe adding glow in the dark stars for the
evening hours. One of her cousins has the stars in her room and she
absolutely loves it, so I think that will be a requirement.

Keep the suggestions coming.



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You could paint the bean bag chair to look like a rock. Just cause it looks like one, doesn't mean it has to feel like one.



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Originally posted by Gigatron@Jan 3 2006, 04:41 PM
You could paint the bean bag chair to look like a rock.  Just cause it looks like one, doesn't mean it has to feel like one.


Why didn't I think of that? I bet they have a bean bag cover that has a rocklike texture.
If anyone knows of a place to get a good bean bag cover, send me a link. Great suggestion, Gigatron.

Keep 'em coming.

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