Evil Dead Necronomicon pages (in full color)

The last 4 more hi-res pages from the first DVD!


Man, makes me want to make another ED Necronomicon!

For the people looking at aging the paper, honestly the best I've found, and easiest, is just buying some of the sepia / vintage looking paper from Amazon, and printing on it. It's by far the best, and easier than aging each signature with tea bag/coffee water or whatever. Find the right gsm, and half the job is done. Do some little bit of aging with whatever inks after. Probably healthier, and less smell from the book!

One thing though, is the translucent sheets of paper at various parts of the book.

Saw one book, where the person coated each page with latex to give the skin feeling. Tried it a few times. Absolute nightmare.
I finished the pages from DVD 1 and DVD 2 and totally forgot to post the new files here so here is all the new info!

Here are the previews from DVD 1:

And the previews from DVD 2:

And this time I created a proper download page in Gumroad so you can get all the files in a single download including convenient PDF files.

I'm still working on the pages from DVD 3, but you can already get all the rest over here: https://jcporcel.gumroad.com/l/evildead-dvd-pages As always, everything is for free, but donations are always welcome!

I will post the new pages from the last DVD over here on weekends when they are ready, and if you download it from Gumroad I will send an email when all the DVD 3 pages and PDFs are uploaded which should be done by the middle of August.

Bye for now!
Odin82 , do you have some links to specific paper on amazon you already used and were happy with?

This is what I used to order for them

Though I think I found one of those bookbinding sites that sold items which had some lighter stuff for the last batch I made.

On looking at the order, this is being advertised... which is kind of interesting... maybe for some other projects.

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Here it is! The final 4 pages from DVD 3 are ready!

Here is the preview of all the pages uploaded:

All in hi-res PNG files and PDFs have been added to the Gumroad download over here: Evil Dead DVDs full-color pages


I was planning to immediately start replicating the The Evil Dead Anthology Blu-Ray pages, but I have been actually making some progress on the stress-inducing pages from Evil Dead Rise so I think I will start publishing that, at least a couple pages per week and push the final DVD a bit.

I will probably start a new thread for those pages, In which case I will put a link here in case anyone is interested. You can follow all my updates on facebook: Elder Props

Talk to you in the future!

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