Evil Dead chainsaw-Animated saw mod- Need Help


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Hiya everyone. I am gonna be doing an Ash costume this Halloween and
I want to modify this animated chainsaw (In vid link below) to be the
hand saw. I want to find out if there is a quick and easy way to make
the chain on it move faster. I have not gotten the saw yet but know it
runs on 4 AA's and has a plastic chain. I know how to mod the rest
just need to know if I can get help to make it move faster. Thanks!

Deluxe Animated Chainsaw with Sound at FrightCatalog.com - YouTube
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Re: Animated Chainsaw to Ash Chain saw mod- Need Help

if you are opening up to take some bits out i would sudgest seeing if you can run the motor for teh chain direct off of its own batteries mayby with a variable resistor so you can change the speed of the motor when its running. my electronics skills are basic, so there may be more to the variable speed bit but a battery pack and switch should get you more speed
Re: Animated Chainsaw to Ash Chain saw mod- Need Help

If it's a regular DC motor, which I'm sure it is, you can run a higher voltage to the motor to make it spin faster. You might burn it out though...

It's also probably geared way down, so you might be able to take the gearbox apart and rearrange them to get higher speeds, but this will result in lower torque and the chain may no longer have enough torque behind it to move.

When you get it, post some pictures of the inside.
Re: Animated Chainsaw to Ash Chain saw mod- Need Help

will do, thanks. I just wanted to get a few ideas. Someone suggested
removing the resistors to get more voltage but I was worried it would
burn it out as well. I thought changing the gearing may be best, but
I dont know much when it comes to this stuff lol. Hence the thread.
If a resistor swap gets it too hot and you're worried it'll burn out, like most things mass produced, I'd wager the motor probably looks a lot like the standard cheapy things you can get at electronic supply places or hobby shops. Even if the size is slightly off you might be able to trim the casing that holds it and still swap it out for something that can handle a higher voltage. I did this once to make a bumble ball that meant business, but admittedly I got lucky and the initial gear on the original motor matched the standard one on an RC car motor. Worth a shot though.
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