EVA foam supplier?


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Hey I'm looking for EVA foam in 1/8" and 1/4" thicknesses, but at a density similar to the floor mat foam that's available in 3/8" and up. I recently ordered some EVA sheet from McMaster Carr and it's a different, softer and more cloth like density.

I'd also like to get the thinner sheets I need in the same texture as the mats, basically I'm looking for thinner mats or workbench mats, just can't get the search results I want.

Any help appreciated!
I went to a class about foam construction and here are some of the places that he suggested:
walmart and harbor freight for in store but you may not get different thicknesses.

atlas foam but I think you have to live in cali to get foam from there because its a supplier store.

foammart.com I guess they get their foam from atlas so it's good but they're more expensive then if you bought directly from atlas. But again if you only have online as an option.......

I don't know anything yet really about foam construction, this is just some of the info that I got. Also this foam I believe is all smooth and not textured....but I'm not positive.

Hope it helps!
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