EVA foam pre-treating prior to casting (releasing agent required?)

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    Hi guys,
    this is probably already been discussed, but didn't really see what I was looking for so I will ask.
    Is releasing agent or sealer needed for EVA foam prior to molding with Brush-on 35D?
    i just want to make sure the foam and 35D don't stick to each other, or is that something I don't need to worry about with these two materials?
    i have Smooth on universal mold release and Sonite paste wax sealing agent but I'm not sure if one or the other is needed.
    I'm new to working with these materials and any help is greatly appreciated!
    thanks in advance!!
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    I molded foam once with just the universal mold release. It worked ok, but the urethane seaped into some parts of the foam, and made it a pain to get off. I would seal it with a crystal clear first, and then use the universal mold release. That should stop you from getting a bunch of fuzzies in the mold as well.
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    Thanks for the reply!
    i am still pretty new to this and am trying to not ruin the foam mock ups. I will seal it with the Sonite wax I have and then use the mold release.
    if this works out well I'll let you know!

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