Enterprise Era Hypospray Part?


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I have been working on this piece and I think I may have Identified a part on the Enterprise hypospray. It looks like the top
may be a small swivel torch head.

The Hypospray:


And the torch head:




Obviously, these are not exact, but the shape is rather similar. If anyone has any more information about these pieces (if it is a torch head, which torch, or even if someone here makes these), please let me know.

Jedi Lawja

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While there is a vauge resemblance, they're different enough that, at best, they were an inspiration. Notice that the 'elbow' joins the cylinder with a threaded nut.

A very interesting prop, I'm quite fond of hyposprays and other medical items. I'd be interested if/when someone reverse engineers it!



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The part is custom machined.

I documented alot of Enterprise items back in 2004. Since everything from the show has been sold publicly via Paramount, no reason to sit on things anymore. Sorry the pictures are not of better quality. The light was ambient and I had a cheap camera which was the style at the time.



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