Endor Rebel Trooper Helmets (Speederbike Helmets)

Kievan Mereel

New Member
Here's the finished auction listing for that visor and shoulder armor set.


I don't think that these visors were ever used in the final Rebel Endor Trooper helmets, as the other auction shows the visor as molded integrally to the armor ring, and these visors don't have the right shape to my eye.


The screen-used visors are shaped more like a formal military dress cap visor, which has a shallower crescent shape, whereas these separate visor castings are shaped more like a squared baseball cap duckbill.

Peaked Cap Pattern by Kamui Cosplay


Dill Pickle Cycling cap sewing pattern (This pattern would work well for a Hoth Hangar Tech)

Another completed auction of interest is a backup buck mold that they created in production by filling the vacuformed helmet pieces with plaster.


It's split right down the center "between the eyes" like the screen used pieces and has some excess along the seams, so it appears to be somewhat of a quick-and-dirty backup. Of note is that the visor as NOT a part of this backup buck. I still however think that the screen used helmets had visors that were part of the helmet armor mold because the fully-completed unused auction listing has a seam down the center of the visor. If the visor was cast as one piece as in the "various castings set" then that seam would not be there.



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