Lando Calrissian Cummerbund/Belt in Empire Strikes Back


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Hey all,

Just wanted to share this project as it is something I haven't seen too many folks do!

Generally, I still to Solo stuff for leather work (Indy, and blade runner as well) but I am a sucker for Lando's costuming.

As this isn't something I would cosplay myself, it was great to get a few requests for this which kicked my butt into gear.

Originally I was going to use chrome tanned leather and laminate the layers for the main panels. However that didn't look or feel quite right.

With some great reference from the Mod of the Lando costuming group on Facebook, I was able to design some illustrator images that I had laser cut. Then I brazed these aluminum pieces and got to work embossing veg tanned leather for the molded panels.

These embossed panels were then added to the chrome tanned leather to complete the belt.

I am very pleased with the results and am thrilled I can continue to make these for folks who cosplay Lando!


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