Elysium AK47 Build.


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Hi all,

Just starting up a thread on my Elysium AK47 build, its the second build ive put up on here and I find feedback helps with the motivation so here we go.

First things first I needed a AK, living in Australia this proves to be difficult as we have pretty strict rules in regards to replica weapons so there will be a little more work involved but thats ok.

So I picked up one of these, its fairly accurate most importantly its 1.1 scale


After much sanding and filling and a pepakura grip, I had this,


First coat of primer,


And now for the sight, ive got about 10 years experience in 3d modelling so I am hoping to use this to have the sight 3d printed (if anyone has a good hookup let me know) here is the initial block out just getting the proportions as close as possible before I start the actual detailing process,


Stay posted for more Info.


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You can get taidi "toy" guns at markets and the like ive seen em around there but a good place is armoured heaven just google it, I actually bought off the guy before he had the site set up and he just had his stock and a ebay store but there are tons of decently detailed 1.1 weapons that dont classify as replicas.


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Nice, I'll check him out. I've wondered about that. I'm new to Aussie and can't find much info on this subject. What is the difference between your AK a a replica? I can't get my head around it but I have seen lighters are novelties that look pretty real around Melbourne Markets...


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Its kind of a loose term when it comes to "replica" weapons im not going to get into detail about the definition but there doesnt really seem to be any issue buying toy guns that are accurate as long as they arent straight up replicas like denix etc and as long as they arent airsoft and have a orange tip then you wont have problems make sure you look up your states rules and make your choice accordingly some states like queensland for instance allow any replica weapons however NSW for instance is very strict and require license. No issues with toys though. Anyway to stay on topic heres a quick render of my work in progress sight.



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Hey mate, any and all reference is good I have alot of photos but I bet i dont have ALL the photos.

Another render, still plugging away in my spare time.


Mike J.

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Here's one for starters.


  • $(KGrHqJ,!lgFIfzv+L04BSOepvPv7Q~~60_57.JPG
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Thanks guys i didnt have some of those and they deffinately clear up a couple of things. Ill work some more on the model this afternoon stay posted.


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More detail, its important to me to get the proportions right because then I can scale it all off the 20mm rail on the bottom.



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Australia mate they arent legal, you need to register them like a real weapon and have a "reason" to own them for which this is none therefore airsoft is effectively illegal.


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Another render, getting closer to being done, deciding if I want to add the drilled holes to the model or to drill them post 3d print. If there is anyone on here that will print this cheaply please hit me up! gonna work on the decals soon also. If anyone is interested in this when im done I might do a run.



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Got the paints for the prop been thinking about how im gonna do the wood i was in bunnings and saw this wood grain vinyl that is used for florring surfaces and bench tops etc so im thinking about experimenting with applying it to the model then going over the vinyl with wood varnish to see if i get a realistic wood effect. Gotta concerntrate on the metal first.
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