Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver.

Norse Iron Man

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I've been all over the internets searching, reading forums including this one. Watched tons of reviews on youtube. Which brings me to my question, what screw driver should I get? The plastic toy one, or the die cast? From what I know now - the toy one is rather rubbish, with the tendency of it's sound chip burning out, to that annoying door cover on the bottom of it not staying closed. Though, it has accurate sound effects, and the claw portion pops out. The die cast however, being mostly metal means it'll probably hold up longer. I've read the detail is better than the toy, the green light is brighter, and the sound chip doesn't burn out. Except for the claw not extending, the only major thing I believe would bug me is the button for the lights and sound not being on the black grip.

My thoughts on all of this is that, the die cast is simpler in a fashion, so would have less stuff on it that could break, also I do not intend on using it as an actual screwdriver, lol. I've just read so many complaints about the toy. Though the claw part extends which is really tempting me to buy it. But I don't want to put money out to just take a chance with it. As of now, I'm leaning towards the Die Cast one. I just want to leave it with you experts, and people that might own both of these. Shedding more facts on the sonic screwdrivers will help me greatly.

Thanks in advance!


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Toy. the Diecast one has a nice weight, but doenst extend. the flap on the bottom of the toy does open annoyingly, but that can be fixed with some superglue, or even just a tiny amount of stickytak in the hinge.

Plus, the diecast just doenst look as good as the toy, IMO. primarily to do with the look of the pieces that should be seperate being one solid piece, makes it actually look more like a toy.


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I love my Eleven Sonic and a simple solution for the bottom flap that I found was just putting a minuscule amount of silly putty around the button so when the cover closes it stays closed while not being impossible to open again.


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I know a lot of people on these forums are hyper fixated on detail, and if I had half their skill might too, but I absolutely love all of my toy sonics.
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