Elder Predator Dreads Problem

The Nemesis

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hey everyone ,

i'm really struggling with the dreads for my elder sculpt , after looking in the forum i decided to try with backer rod's . but i'm not happy with the result , they are not verry flexible and the paint does not stick verry well i had to use wire to bend them down , so i want to try something else that looks more natural and is more flexible , what do you recoment . i want the cheapest way since i'm on a tight budget ,maybe cheap silicone i can use ore something else (i never worked with silicone before , kinda scares me since its so expansive :s)

here are a few pics of my elder with a few of the backer rod's dreads


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i would be inclined to agree with Jason, however in saying that.. do you plan on wearing this or is it a bust. if its a bust, go the way you already have been . if its a mask, you could look at going with latex..

get an old snooker or pool cue and pear the top.. basically coat it in latex. when dry talc it and pull it off.. you can fill it then with some foam or wadding.. they work.. only thing is they will be heavy.. just another idea for you.
hmm that sounds good , i tryed with latex and foam in a mold but that didn't work out well , thanks for the advice . and jup i am aiming to make a complete costume later ^^
Cheap way? Backer rods!

What you also can try is; @ the begin(@the head) of the rod you cut a piece of it in an 45' angle

Your mask looks great!
Hi, I make my own out of backer rod, I cut the ends to about 8-9" up then I sandpaper the whole of the backer rod, which then basically grades it down to a long point. From there I dip the backer rod into latex for an hour or 2 ( I do put the paint into the latex, saves on painting), you can also paint the latex on but it does leave brush marks, I prefer the dipping method as it leaves it completely smooth. When they are dry they are light and flexiable.
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