EFX PCR Mandalorian Helmet


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Didn't see a thread on this, but EFX has added Din Djarin's helmet to their line of PCR helmets - THE MANDALORIAN HELMET - PRECISION CRAFTED REPLICA (PCR)

EFX's website says these are now in-stock.

And while I'm hesitant to order anything directly from EFX, I preordered one through BBTS awhile back, and BBTS recently announced that these are in-stock and have begun processing my order - EFX The Mandalorian Helmet Replica for Sale | BigBadToyStore

Not sure if the photos are of the actual piece, but they look the same as their other Mando buckets with the darker paint job.

I'm putting together a Chapter 1 Mando ensemble, so looking to compare this piece to my Anovos when it arrives and determine which one will be better for cosplaying.

Anyone else get in on this?

There’s some discussion and pics of the PCR at the end of this thread.


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