Ebay mannequins - what size do they normally run?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by hydin, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. hydin

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    I was curious about this. i have several ideas for some displays, and its easy enough to find someone (or a pattern) for the costumes, but to display them i need mannequins.

    my question is, what size are these guys usaully? large? medium? extra large?

    im talking the cheapy ones, the 150$ range ones. not the 800 dollar guys.

    never had a mannequin (that wasnt squishy), so i dunno what if any "size" fits these guys.

    any helps appreciated. one persons "large" might be another persons "medium", so im hoping for a general overview of these.

  2. Magic Man

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    Mannequins just suck. :lol

    They're never right. Most of the are about 6' tall on average and very skinny. Usually in the 100-150 dollar range. They are usually skinnier than they look in pics.

    I got one for about 125 a couple years ago. It's the average 6' tall and skinny. And everything I put on it is baggy.
  3. hydin

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    *. most of the ideas i have involve a relatively tight costume. i dont want to have spandex baggies on a costume display.

    probably safe to assume medium to large then, unless they state XL or "BIG" or something for the ad.


  4. Noeland

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    Is there no way to effectively bulk up a mannequin? Or to make it match a particular costume you want to display with it?

    I'm totally posting out of my * here, but we have some very clever folks on these boards, so how about some ideas for making a skinny mannequin work for whatever costume is being put on it?

    Has no one done this? Is it possible?
  5. Birdie

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    I bought one listed at 5' 8" and it is at least 6' 2" and no body type I've ever seen.

    Still pretty cool, though :)
  6. kurtyboy

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    Yeah the average mannequin is approx 6' tall, 38" chest, 32" waist. About right for Boba Fett and Harrison Ford characters, but not so right for Vader, Luke or a stormtrooper.

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