Recaster alert - ebay username zabalus99

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Hope this is in the right spot. Reporting a recaster on ebay.
He is actively recasting a bunch of my friend's work and selling it, with false claims that it's his work of course.
His username is Zabalus99
This is Nik's (from N.A.G. Sculpture Studio) pinhead bust :

and the recaster's post. He didn't even get rid of Nik's signature.


Not certain what can be done outside of reporting the guy. If anyone has any ideas please post on there, and obviously avoid this pos like the plague.
Zabalus is Steve Noden. His Dredd helmet kit is the go-to option for Dredd kits.

However, it is obvious that he is a recaster. Look at his Black Panther, Iron Man, and Star Lord helmets. They are extremely obvious recasts of the Hasbro helmets. I am very positive that the Death Trooper and FO Stormtrooper are Anovos recasts.I am not surprised that more of his stuff is recast from members in the community.
Thats really sad.But if you sell stuff on ebay or etsy its only a matter of time when your work will be recasted.

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