Question Easier way to get to your posts? (answered)

Discussion in 'Site Support & News' started by NBStudios, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. NBStudios

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    Is theere an easier way to get to your posts besides going to your username going to your statistics then clicks all threads and post by titanicfan?
  2. Serenity

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    Provided you're on a computer and not mobile device, try clicking on your username next to your post, so the drop down menu appears. Then, click "Find More Posts by Username".

    If you're on certain mobile devices, I don't believe there's a quicker way than what you described.
  3. exoray

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    Create a BookMark for any page on this site then 'edit' that bookmark, replace the existing URL with...

    You can't simply click the link and bookmark as the forum script assigns a temporary search cache for the link and redirects the link, you need to edit the bookmark with a copy and paste of the code I put above for it to work...

    Or open up Notepad copy and paste the below into Notepad and then select 'save as' choose a place like your desktop and for the file name type whateverfilename.url (don't forget the .url) and then for the 'Save as type' pull down to 'All Files' click the save button... Now you can simply click the desktop shortcut...


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