Eaglemoss Delorean 2 questions please (Thank you!)


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Thank you for adding me to your forum. I have 2 questions: 1.) I just received an email about BTTF Delorean "Special Offers". I am a builder, not necessarily a comic book collector and/or reader. (I tried doing the same again as an adult, and I found I could just not get into it as I did as a kid. So much for nostalgia and trying to recapture my youth.) What are you thoughts on these special offers? Do you like them? How often are they offered, and are they always going to be comic books? If one does not wish to accept the special offers, you must be on your toes because instead of accepting them, you have to actively cancel them since they are automatic otherwise. 2.) Is there a comprehensive list of parts of the Delorean chassis parts which should be painted gray to match the real thing? [Since this is my first post, if any of my inquiries are not appropriate for this forum, kindly let me know. Thank you.]
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I didn't think you needed to paint any of the Delorean chassis. If you need colors, just compare it to a real delorean chassis. a google image search should get you some good details. i'd like to get that eaglemoss delorean myself.
Edit: seen one on twitter (delorean HQ) 15JUN17. looks like they've only painted the main chassis grey only.