E.T. - What in the World is a 'Cintus Supremus?'

AT-AT Luvah

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So this has been bugging me a long time and resurfaced when I showed the film to my kids the other day.

At one point in the film, Elliott trades insults with his brother's buddies, with one of them calling him a 'Cintus supremus.' That's the spelling according to the subtitles.

I did a Google search and nobody seems to know.

Anybody here know what this means? Is it some sort of obscure '80s reference in Latin?


Wes R

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It may be some odd alien species that ET encountered and since they had that odd mind meld going he may have accidently accessed ET's brain.

Jet Beetle

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Gone but not forgotten.
I always chalked it up to some Dungeons and Dragons name, see how Zero charisma in the 80's could have been plucked from game -- and weren,t they playing D&D the night ET showed up? Our 80's nerd forefathers speak much the same way we do, only referencing different things.

AT-AT Luvah

Sr Member
This line has always confused me when watching the film. Glad to see I'm not the only one who was drawing a blank.

The fact that he repeats the phrase about 3 times really makes it stand out all the more for its obscurity.

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