DUCT TAPE Spider-Man Boots!! (Pics)


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I spent alot of time looking for boxing shoes in store andddd online....or for loafers...but I wasn't happy with what I was seeing...

I like the idea of a nice tall boot that fills up the red foot section so instead I thought about it and made these out of duct tape.. these are now done and they look perfect!*

You put a sock on over them before you put on your suit and there are zero lumps!

I know alot of people buy boxing boots or kung fu slippers for their builds...but this is cheaper and fun and it's custom to your feet...

just thought I'd share it....

All you need is duct tape, a plastic bag and a pair of flat sole 5 dollar wal mart slippers..(pictured) and some heavy duty adhesive.

Works perfect....
I'm beyond excited about how these came out.

As per another user's comment I made great ventilation change to them by opening the middle section...and even though I already find them comfortable I also added an insole for further comfort.

Lemme know of any questions....

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