DST Tricorder build with metal parts


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...I think the wand company moire is a different pattern than what is used on the tric so I opted to stick with that.
Wand Company moire
Tricorder moire...

The tricorder moire uses the same radial line pattern as the comm, but overlaid differently.

Dean O

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There are no screws to take the face plate off, I had to carefully pry it apart. I believe I got mine apart without breaking most of the pegs but it’s very possible that I broke at least one.


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Dean O: Talk about taking a Diamond out of the rough...! All of your temporal equity has more than paid off—it's truly a thing of beauty. Your ingenuity and persistence of remarkable. We are building two Wah A and B homage units from John Marco kits. On the so-called Bart A, the faceplate will also have LED-backed ground-out watch crowns. The kicker is that Bart has designed and built a complete tricorder simulator faceplate that fits into the hood. I've Shared your whole article with him so that we might all benefit from your Master Build. Enjoy your labor's fruits. Best. Mike.


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