DST TOS Comm malfunctioning


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Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but any of you who bought the AA/DST TOS Communicator. Have you ever had any issues with the electronics.

I recently bought one off ebay as a spare and only the right button works but repeating the same sample each time. The moir does not rotate and none of the lights work.

I'd appreciate and advice. I'm going out soon to get some fresh batteries, just to make sure thats not the reason.



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It sounds like it's still in "Try Me" mode.

yeah, maybe the person that had it before just ripped of the little paper tab that makes it still be in try mode. open it up and check out the insides.
While you have it open you can solder away the blockage that stops you from hearing ALL the sounds.
someone made a picture tutorial for it a few years ago....might find it in a search


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Cheers guys

I will give that a try, i dont mind to much. It's for my girlfriend as she's getting a TOS dress for her birthday. She wanted a comm but wanted a static prop. I could build one, but the DST comm's offer a cheaper alternative that looks good and is also pretty study :behave


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I thought i'd post this, in the event some poor person comes on the boards with the same problem.

I've fixed the comm, it was a pretty simple fix. Following the suggestions given, i had a look in to the slot where the demo tab is inserted. There wasn't anything lodged in to the slot. However when i took the comm apart i discovered the metal tabs inside where not making contact with the contacts underneath them. There was a 2mm gap. I tried bending them but they wouldn't play along.

in the end I folded a slim piece of aluminum kitchen foil about 10mm x 5mm. Inserted it under the tabs to make contact. I discovered the comm wont function properly if the antenna grill is not present. Holding the comm together it fired in to life.

I hope this helps anyone with problematic DST comms
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