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I'm looking into getting a Dremel tool but I am not sure what model to get. I kind of ruled out cordless, but may still be open to it. I'm sure many of members use them. What, in your opinion, is the best model for general prop and costume making?
just today i ordered the cordless dremel 8200.

should be here mid week hopefully, il let you know how i find it, pros and cons.
i went for a mains one - just on the offchance it didnt have as much grunt to a cordless. i bought a 300 series (in the uk)

so far i have not been disappointed with it, and i dont know how i managed to go so long without one to be honest - its been so useful in so many ways
I just bought a new one (the motor on my old one finally bit the dust) I got the corded one - It was $70 or so at Lowes. No model maker should be without a Dremmel!
Hit up the pawn shops. You'll find a good cheap corded starter there. Often a good one like a 400 XPR.

Heavy work always burns out my dremels. So my big suggestion is keep the dremel for the finesse work and use something burly like a big corded hammerdrill with a keyed chuck on the front for the rest. The Dremel bits work just as well in both. The rpm's are less on the big drill but it won't quit on you.
I'd really only use it for fine cutting and prop making. The toughest thing I can think it would be used for would be to cut chainmail rings made from galvanized steel.
The highest model at the moment is the 4000. That's the king daddy of the corded models that can do pretty much anything. I just grabbed one off of Amazon for 80 bucks with shipping. The way I see it, I may not need those extra fancy schmancy attachments now, but I might in the future, and it was only 15 bucks more than the step down, and it couldn't use certain attachments at all.

I had thought of getting a battery operated one, but the last one I bought didn't impress me due to the short battery life.
I've been using an old Dremel 2 speed for about 8 years, and its served me alright until recently. Its been through a ton of abuse and been pushed harder than it probably should have been.

I got the opportunity to play with a 3000, and its fully adjustable variable speed was a plus. Just been to their website, and will need to check out their 4000 model when it hits shelves (if its not out already)

Unless you're doing only a little light work, stay away from the cordless ones (as others have mentioned) and flex shaft compatibility is an absolute plus!
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