Dread 2 coming soon


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I thought the first one was okay. It's probably heresy, but I liked the Stallone version better. I have no familiarity with the comic, so I don't know what inaccuracies are in any of them, I'm just going by the movie.
The reason no Dread 2 happened is how the rights holders are at odds with each other. Urban has been wanting a sequel since the beginning as do the rights holders. But, the rights holders themselves have bad blood amongst themselves. It's messy to say the least.
Plus 'they' were talking about a short run TV show that Urban was interested in...but nothing happened.

I loved 2000AD growing up with Dredd as a feature.

The Stallone movie is more faithful to the comic in graphics, but of course Sly couldn't wait to take his helmet off.

Dredd the movie is darker and more gritty, but ultimately it's all a one trick pony.

Dredd just made it's money back, so not a raving success, but in the right hands (screenplay and director) a sequel could be awesome...!!
Would love it but not sure.

There was rumors of a sequel, then a tv show but it didnt really go anywhere.

I could see a sequel being like Pirates, the second exploring more into the world and Dredd maybe exploring corruption within the department or something but unless a third is guaranteed, might end on a cliffhanger. Then again, Hollywood loves series and sequels now.
Dredd wasn't a "Hollywood" movie. It's was an independent film. Judge Dredd was a Hollywood film.

The rights holders have conflicting ideas and directions for any continuations for Dredd. The bad blood between the rights holders is heavy with unrelated projects. The rumored Dredd mini series as with any sequel has been "in development" many times over. But again, how the rights holders can't see eye to eye....

Personally I've never been a fan of anything Judge Dredd. But Dredd itself was really damn good. It knew what it was, didn't try to break any new grounds or tell some save the world statement, just a gritty low budget style movie that worked. With the CG advancements over the past years since its creation an equal film budget could go five times as far. With the state of pop culture, something like a Dredd sequel would be amazing to see happen.
As much as I'd like to look forward to movies like Demolition Man and Dredd 2 to hit theaters, I remember a few years ago thinking the same about new Predator, Alien and Star Wars movies in theaters. And all that went, splendid.

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